About Me

My love of craft beer started back in 2012. I remember sitting at a table in a BJ’s Brewhouse (we all have to start somewhere) watching people ordering beer flights. I decided in that moment I wanted to start exploring beer. Of course at first IPAs were too hoppy and Stouts were just too much. So I would settle for browns, reds, and an occasional wheat beer. As time went on my taste buds expanded. Now a hoppy IPA is my beer of choice.

In 2013 I meet a wonderful group of female beer drinkers. My friend Kelli started a group called The Orlando Lady Crafters. We would get together monthly at different bars, breweries, or beer events to eat, socialize, and show the local beer community that females like beer too! Over time the group has grown apart, but I’m lucky enough to still get a beer with several of these ladies every now and then.

I spend August to May as a high school English teacher, but the summer months? Those are my months. In the past I would spend them bartending at local craft beer bars. I sometimes miss the energy being behind a bar gives you, but for now I am perfectly content spending my summer days in my pool with a tasty beer in my hand.

I invite you to follow my journey by reading about my beer adventures on my website. I’m by no means a beer expert and I won’t write posts talking about the nuances of every beer I drink. However, I will share what I love about!