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Colorado Springs’ Most Popular Beers

Recently I reached out to some local Colorado Springs Brewery asking the brewers to share what their most popular beer is that they sell. I can’t say I am surprised that the majority of the breweries said their most popular beer style is an IPA. 

Update: I received two more responses so I’ve updates this post to share them.

Lost Friend Brewing

Most popular beer name and style your brewery brews:

Homeward Bound, Hazy NEIPA

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FH Beer Works: Drinking in a Bungalow

Certain counties in Colorado have been “In the Red” now for a few weeks. That means you cannot eat or drink inside of restaurants, bars, breweries, etc. You are still allowed to order /drinks to go, and you can enjoy your food or drinks outside on a patio. It is the middle of December, and Colorado has been COLD. Businesses have been getting creative with ways to safely stay open and serve their guests. 

One of those businesses is FH Beer Works which happens to be a brewery very close to my house. My husband and I were there a few weeks ago and saw them setting up what looked to be little greenhouses outside on their patio. Come to find out they are actually individual Bungalows that you can rent out to enjoy some beer and food on their patio. 

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Exploring Colorado Springs’ Breweries: Using My Hop Passport –…

Our final stop on our brewery crawl was to Atrevida Beer Company. I was looking forward to this stop the most because this would be my first time visiting. I also loved learning that Atrevida is not only owned by a female, but she is also the head brewer. 

Atrevida Beer Co

Even though the brewery doesn’t really look all the impressive from the outside, I absolutely loved the decor inside. The owner/brewer is Latina, and you definitely pick up on the Latin American vibes inside the brewery. The inside was bright, cozy, and welcoming. 

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Exploring Colorado Springs’ Breweries: Using My Hop Passport –…

After our visit to Trinity, we made our way to our second stop which was Red Leg Brewing Company. My husband and I visited Red Leg last March when visiting the Springs before we moved here. We both remember being fans of their beer. 

Red Leg has a medium-sized taproom with some outside seating. They are currently building a MUCH larger brewery/taproom, and I cannot wait until that opens. We were lucky enough to snag one of the last tables inside the brewery and quickly ordered our beers. 

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Hop Passport 2020

Exploring Colorado Springs’ Breweries: Using My Hop Passport –…

Even though I’ve been living in Colorado Springs for a few months, I really haven’t had a chance to do some brewery hopping. However, my mom was in town to visit and she agreed to watch my son one afternoon, so my husband and I spent the day checking out new places and drinking good beer. I also was given a Hop Passport several months back and haven’t really used it. We decided to go to breweries that participated in the passport so I could collect a few stamps (and a few free beers). 

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New Year, New Beer

No surprise that I started my first day of 2020 heading to different Orlando breweries. However, I decided I wanted to try something new, meaning, new beer. I usually visit breweries with my husband, and we have the same taste in beer. Sometimes I feel that we both rush to order the IPA on the menu, and whoever doesn’t order it first, gets stuck with “the second choice beer.” For this visit, I challenged myself to not order my typical styles. I am an IPA girl, but I know there are other good beers out there.

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Wolf Branch Brewing Logo

What’s in a Name?

“What’s in a name? That which we call a rose
By any other name would smell as sweet.”

I was actually inspired to write this post after teaching Shakespeare to a group of students the other day. (Yes, my “real job” is to educate the future minds of America-now do you understand why I love/NEED craft beer?!) We spend so much of our time at our local breweries, but have you ever stopped and wondered where they got their names from? I reached out to several local breweries and asked them about the significance of their brewery’s name. Below are the responses I got.

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Beer Babies: Where You Can Enjoy Craft Beer With…

I’m pretty proud to say that I’ve been to every brewery in Orlando and almost all the breweries in Central Florida. All the breweries that I have visited seem to be kid-friendly. I’ve never been into one that I got a serious “don’t bring your child in here” vibe. However, I found some places a bit more welcoming than others. Below are my top three kid-friendly breweries in the Orlando area.

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