Beer Babies: Where You Can Enjoy Craft Beer With Your Little Ones In Orlando

I’m pretty proud to say that I’ve been to every brewery in Orlando and almost all the breweries in Central Florida. All the breweries that I have visited seem to be kid-friendly. I’ve never been into one that I got a serious “don’t bring your child in here” vibe. However, I found some places a bit more welcoming than others. Below are my top three kid-friendly breweries in the Orlando area.

Crooked Can Brewing

I’ll be honest, I actually have a love/hate relationship with the whole kid situation at Crooked Can. This place is definitely kid-friendly! In fact, at almost any given time of day, you will find a brewery full of kids. I guess my problem with that would be the “any given time of day.” I’ve visited Crooked Can on a weekend night (well after 9 pm) and I felt like it was a Chuck E Cheese. However, if parents are not allowing their children to run everywhere it can be quite an enjoyable place.

Anyways, Crooked Can is attached to the Plant Street Market. This means you won’t need to feel guilty (not that you ever should) if you decide to grab a quick beer because you technically went to the market, not the brewery.

The seating inside the actual brewery is a bit tight but there are a few large communal type tables and two different bars inside you can grab a seat at. What I really enjoy about visiting Crooked Can is their large outside patio area. There is also an area of artificial turf where I often see kids playing.

If you or your kiddo gets hungry you have plenty of options for food inside the actual market. Grab some food and walk over to the brewery to grab a seat and a beer.

Crooked Can is definitely a local favorite, so it is often very busy. Get there early on the weekends, or try to visit during the weekdays.

Ellipsis Brewing

My son has probably been to Ellipsis more than most Orlando locals. Nothing in particular screams “this place is kid friendly” but I always feel welcomed with my son.

Ellipsis is a very large brewery. I always think this helps when you are bringing your kids. There is just more room for everyone to spread out, and you can easily move to a quieter part of the brewery if your kids need a moment to themselves. The brewery itself has plenty of seating and there are also a few couches around a TV and a gaming system. I myself have given my son a bottle on that couch more than once.

Ellipsis also has one large wall that is covered in chalkboard paint. I often see kids happily drawing on the wall while their parents watch them and sip on a beer from a table nearby. They also have several games found inside the brewery. You have choices of board games, card games, cornhole, and various other games. They at one point had an air hockey table, but it wasn’t there at my last visit. The table was honestly too loud, so I won’t be sad if they don’t bring it back.

They don’t serve any food, but they do allow you to bring food in and they often have food trucks. Ellipsis is very close to the airport and is worth checking out before or after a flight.

Rockpit Brewing

When walking into the brewery one wouldn’t automatically think it’s kid-friendly. It’s not a huge space, there isn’t much of an outdoor area, and you’ll definitely need to bring your own kid-friendly entertainment. However, I’ve found this to be one of the most kid-friendly spots in Orlando.

What makes it so friendly is the owner. There have been several weekends where I’ve visited Rockpit with my son, husband, and friends who also have a young daughter. The owner has personally come to our table to tell us how much he enjoys seeing kids enjoying themselves at the brewery and to let him know if we need anything. This made us all feel welcomed and we definitely stayed and ordered another round.

As far as food goes, you can order Cecil’s BBQ at the bar, and it will be brought over from next door. We’ve enjoyed many great meals and snacks from them; I personally really like the fried pickles!

Insider tip, signup for their newsletter. This is one newsletter I really enjoy reading. It’s so much more than what’s going on at the brewery. You can also signup for a free birthday flight!

Honorable Mentions

While there may be many other great kid-friendly breweries in Orlando, those are my three favorites. Here are a couple more worth checking out with your child.

Hourglass Brewing
Ivanhoe Park Brewing Company 

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