Exploring Colorado Springs’ Breweries: Using My Hop Passport – Part 2

After our visit to Trinity, we made our way to our second stop which was Red Leg Brewing Company. My husband and I visited Red Leg last March when visiting the Springs before we moved here. We both remember being fans of their beer. 

Red Leg has a medium-sized taproom with some outside seating. They are currently building a MUCH larger brewery/taproom, and I cannot wait until that opens. We were lucky enough to snag one of the last tables inside the brewery and quickly ordered our beers. 

As for our beers, I ordered their Space Force One Double Hazy IPA and really enjoyed it. I am so predictable and basically enjoy all the hazy beers. My husband went with their special release beer which was an IPA brewed with Skittles. I personally wasn’t a fan. It tasted like Skittles, but it just was too sweet for me. 

On our way out we noticed their large sticker wall. My husband asked our server if she could place my sticker on their wall. It’s up there, so let me know if you can find it if you ever visit! 

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