Beer Babies: Guidelines for Safely Visiting Breweries with Children

I know, I know I already did an “I’m Back” post, and then proceed to disappear again. Being a new mom is a lot more work than I expected. However, being a new mom is what inspired me to write this post. When I found out I was pregnant, I knew I was going to have to give up drinking for at least nine months. I also knew though that when my son arrived (with the proper amount of time), I would want to get back into visiting breweries and rejoining the craft beer community in Orlando.

Liz at Rockpit Brewing
My son and me at Rockpit Brewing

Recently I conducted a very unofficial poll on my Instagram, asking my followers their thoughts on whether WELL BEHAVED children should be allowed in breweries. 73% of my followers that answered my poll believe that yes, well-behaved children should be allowed to visit breweries with their parents. Being a new mom, I also agree that children should be welcomed at breweries, but I personally tend to follow these rules:

  1. I usually do not bring my son into a brewery after 5:00 PM. I tend to see more children at breweries before the evening crowd appears. 
  2. I bring items that will keep him busy. He obviously isn’t drinking beer yet, so he needs to be entertained. Now, my son is only eight months, so he is happily entertained with a coaster. However, I know the older he gets, the more I will need to bring. 
  3. If my son isn’t feeling it and starts to disrupt those around us, I leave. I don’t care how much of my beer is left; a brewery isn’t the place for a screaming child. 
  4. I do not sit at the bar. Personal preference here, but everyone tends to be more comfortable at a table. 
  5. Lastly, I make sure to clean up after myself. The bartenders shouldn’t be sweeping up half-chewed up puffs. I pick up any mess that he (or I) make. 

Also, the most important thing is to make sure you are enjoying your time safely. I usually am visiting the brewery with my son and husband. We make sure to limit how much we are drinking and to decide in advance who is driving home.

So what are your thoughts on children in breweries? Check back for my follow up post where I showcase what I consider the two most kid-friendly breweries in Orlando.

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