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Beer Instagrammer: You Asked and I Answered 

I posted on my Instagram story asking for people to send in questions as to what it is like being a Beer Instagrammer or as others call it, an “influencer.” Below are the questions with my answers. 

Question: Do you vary your types based on the season or just drink what you like when you want?

Answer: This really depends. If I am just drinking a beer to enjoy the beer (meaning I don’t plan on posting about it) I will drink whatever I feel like at the moment. However, I do try to plan certain beers for certain occasions for posts on my Instagram. For example, for major holidays I try to find a beer that I feel “fits” with that holiday. I will then save that beer for the day of the holiday and drink it and post about it that day. 

Question: Is your husband jealous of your fame?

Answer: Seeing that I don’t really have any “fame,” I don’t think so. In fact, he actually likes all the perks I get from having a beer Instagram account. He has never complained when a beer box shows up at our house, or when I ask him to help me do a photoshoot at a local bar/brewery. 

Question: Why do people want to see your feet?

Answer: People are WEIRD! I have no idea why people have asked me (countless times) to see pictures of my feet. My answer is always the same, NO. 

Question: How long does it take to put together an IG post about a brewery visit?

Answer: It all depends. Usually my process for just a post (the first time I visit a brewery) is this: I take some pictures of the outside brewery, while looking at the menu I take a few pictures of the bar area, when I am waiting for my beer I take a few pictures of the inside, and when my beer arrives I take many pictures of it. I don’t always use every picture, but I like to have a variety. Also, I usually upload my photos to an editing app (I personally use Lightroom) and take some time editing. If it is a brewery I’ve been to many times I don’t usually do all of that, but I still edit all my photos and figure out what hashtags to use. So all in all it really depends. A post could take as short as 5 minutes to post all the way up to 20 minutes. 

Question: Do you judge breweries based on their own social media presence?

Answer: I sure do! I do not understand when breweries or bars chose not to use social media to help market their business. Instagram is FREE and it’s an app used by 1 billion people. It would only take someone a few minutes a day or even a week to post what beer you have and any other specials you might have. I personally check social media before I head to a bar or a brewery, and I like when I see they are active and have been letting their customers know what’s new. 

Thanks to everyone who sent in questions! Please feel free to message me if you have any more questions. 


FAQ: You Asked Beer Questions and I Answered

Recently on my Instagram story I told my followers they could ask me craft beer-related questions, and I would answer them in a blog post. I was asked some great questions and am going to answer them all below. 

What is your favorite of the seasonal Yeti stouts?

So, I need to be honest here and say I haven’t tried any of them yet. When I posted the poll on my story asking which one I should drink first, the majority of people said the pumpkin pie one. I plan on having that one around Halloween first. 

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We’re Here: And Yes, We Do Drink Craft Beer

I’ve mentioned before that my craft beer journey began almost ten years ago. As we all know, the craft beer industry is still a very much male-dominated industry; and ten years ago it was even more male-centered. Throughout the last ten years, I feel that at times I have had to “educate” people that yes, women not only enjoy craft beer, but we also know a thing or two about it. Throughout this post, I want to share some of those times where I felt I faced some discrimination as a female craft beer drinker. 

Back in 2012, I was married to someone who looks like your “typical” craft beer drinker. He is 6’4, he is 290 lbs, and he has a full beard. When people have a stereotypical craft beer drinker in their mind, it perfectly matches my ex-husband. The thing is though…he didn’t drink beer. In fact, he despised it. He only drank ciders or vodka-based cocktails. When we would go out guess who was always given the beer menu? Guess who was always told about the newly released beer? Guess who was always given the beer even after moments prior he ordered a vodka drink? At the time we would just laugh to ourselves and switch drinks. As time went on though I became frustrated. Why can’t people assume we BOTH might like to see the beer menu? Why can’t someone remember that I was not the one to order a vodka drink?

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What I am Thankful For: Craft Beer Edition

I am Thankful For….

Breweries and Craft Beer Bars

As a female, I do not always feel comfortable drinking at a bar alone. However, drinking at a brewery or a craft beer bar alone is a different story. Maybe it’s because I feel confident when ordering. Maybe it’s because beertenders have time to have a conversation with you. Maybe it’s because more than likely I am going to know at least one other person inside. Whatever it is, I am thankful that I will always feel welcomed and have a seat open and good conversation waiting for me at my favorite breweries or craft beer bars. 

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Ins and Outs of Making a Beer Instagram –…

As I mentioned in my previous post I have had my beer Instagram for about two years now and I’ve really enjoyed everything that has come with. I’ve tried countless different beers, I’ve visited more breweries than I ever thought I would, I’ve got to do some pretty awesome collaborations with various breweries and companies, and best of all I got to meet some awesome people! 

I often have people asking me how to start a beer Instagram account or how to grow your followers. Once again, I am not an expert and am not on here to make money or make this my full-time job, but I will share what has worked for me. 

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Making A Beer Instagram

Ins and Outs of Making a Beer Instagram –…

I want to start this post by saying I AM NOT a beer expert or an “influencer.” I am just a girl who enjoys beer, who likes to share pictures of what I am drinking or where I am drinking, and I love to connect with others in the craft beer community. I started my beer Instagram account only because I didn’t want to keep posting beer on my personal account. I wanted a spot where all my beer adventures could go, and in turn, I could hopefully connect with others who have the same passion as me.

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Goodbye Orlando

Goodbye Orlando. Goodbye palm trees, Love Bugs, and lizards. Goodbye sunshine, afternoon thunderstorms, and disgustingly humid temperatures. Goodbye beaches, pools, and springs. 

Goodbye downtown Orlando. Goodbye to the memories I made in my 20s and early 30s. Goodbye Wall Street and Church Street. Goodbye cheap beer, 3 for 1s, and pudding shots. Goodbye to broken shoes, broken bushes, and broken dreams. Goodbye to lost cars, lost credit cards, and lost friends. Goodbye to DDs, drunken pizza slices, and vegan hotdogs. 

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Dan & Liz at Ocean Sun Brewing

My Craft Beer Journey – Part 2

As I mentioned in my previous post, I discovered my passion craft beer, I met a great group of lady beer drinkers, and I started to date someone that made me even more interested in the local craft beer scene. I decided that I wanted to give bartending a try. More specifically, I wanted to be a beertender at a place that focuses on craft beer. Through Paul, I met another local craft beer bar owner, and one night after having one too many beers, I took a seat at his bar and basically demanded him to hire me. 

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My First Beer Flight

My Craft Beer Journey – Part 1

It’s 2012, and I recently moved to Orlando with my now ex. We knew a few people from his job, but I didn’t have any friends to call “mine,” and I didn’t have any hobbies to keep me busy. I had little experience with beer. When I thought beer, I thought of the yellow fizzy drink (usually room temperature) I would sip on at college parties. Yet, deep down, I must have known there was more to beer than that. I am not sure where the beer bug came from, but I clearly remember wanting to try beer (and not that yellow fizzy drink from college). The problem I had was I had no idea where to start. Orlando didn’t have many breweries or craft beers back in 2012. So, where does a girl go when she wants to try new beer? The local Bj’s Brewhouse, of course!

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