Goodbye Orlando

Goodbye Orlando. Goodbye palm trees, Love Bugs, and lizards. Goodbye sunshine, afternoon thunderstorms, and disgustingly humid temperatures. Goodbye beaches, pools, and springs. 

Goodbye downtown Orlando. Goodbye to the memories I made in my 20s and early 30s. Goodbye Wall Street and Church Street. Goodbye cheap beer, 3 for 1s, and pudding shots. Goodbye to broken shoes, broken bushes, and broken dreams. Goodbye to lost cars, lost credit cards, and lost friends. Goodbye to DDs, drunken pizza slices, and vegan hotdogs. 

Goodbye to the past. Goodbye to what might have been my future. Goodbye to the man who moved me here. Goodbye to mistakes, to failures, to disappointments, to heartbreaks. Goodbye to the “what ifs” and the “what it might have been.” Goodbye to late-night talks, late-night walks, and late-night visits. Goodbye to those who walked out, who didn’t think I was enough, and to those I hurt. 

Goodbye Disney. Goodbye Magic. Goodbye to a castle and a giant “golf ball.” Goodbye to pixie dust and character hugs. Goodbye Canada, UK, France, Morocco, Japan, Italy, America, Germany, China, Norway, and Mexico. 

Goodbye breweries. Goodbye bottle shares. Goodbye to the places that shaped who I am today. Goodbye to Ellipsis IPAs, Hourglass Sours, and Ten10 Stouts. Goodbye to hushed conversations by candlelight at Thirsty Topher. Goodbye to first date spots that led me to the love of my life. 

Goodbye to the place I called home for ten years. Goodbye to schools that made me the teacher I am today. Goodbye to the friends that became my family. Goodbye to a house that Dan and I made a home. 

Hello mountains. Hello sunshine. Hello (again) snow. Hello to new beginnings, to fresh starts, to adventure. Hello Colorado.  

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