Staying or Leaving? What Makes You Want to Stay or Leave a Brewery

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Recently I asked my Instagram followers what makes you almost immediately want to leave a brewery that you’re at and what would make you want to stay longer than you had anticipated? Below are the answers I received from my followers. 

What makes you want to almost immediately want to leave a brewery? 

Let’s start with all the controversial/political talk:

  • Sexist/racist side chatter from bar guests or especially staff 
  • Fox News playing
  • A blue lives matter flag 
  • MAGA merch 
  • Indoor smoking 
  • Non inclusive/not a safe space for everyone 
  • Confederate flags/camo 
  • Drag shows

Moving onto the staff:

  • Bad/lack of service 
  • Rude bartenders 
  • Condescending beertenders 
  • The front staff aren’t open and welcoming 
  • Obvious sexism/racism/homophobia displayed by staff

The beer situation:

  • Bad beer
  • Beer served in wine glasses 
  • Just IPAs
  • They ran out of beer 
  • No IPA’s over 7%
  • No west coast IPAs

Cleanliness (or lack of):

  • It’s dirty 
  • Dirty glasses and tables everywhere 
  • Lack of sanitation/hygiene 
  • Bad smell 
  • Seeing gross cleanliness behind the bar or in the kitchen 
  • Rats
  • A fly in the glass 
  • Unkept restrooms 

The vibe is off:

  • Super load live music 
  • Bad music 
  • Country music 
  • Obnoxious drunks 
  • Loud, screaming kids 
  • Too crowded 
  • Seeing an ex 
  • Lack of parking 
  • Karaoke 

Now let’s move onto the good. What would make you stay at a brewery longer than you anticipated staying?

It’s all about the staff:

  • Bar staff enjoying working with each other/chatting with regulars 
  • Attention and engagement from the staff 
  • A nice and welcoming beertender 
  • Friendly staff 
  • Good service 
  • Willingness of staff to talk about the beers 
  • Knowledgeable bartenders 

The main reason you come to a brewery:

  • Amazing beer
  • Multiple IPAs available 
  • Glasses larger than a pint 
  • Variety of beers so you can keep trying something new 
  • Price of beverages 
  • Free beer 
  • Bottomless fruited sours 
  • A good beer sale 
  • Variety of beer styles 
  • Draft and cans available 


  • A friendly and social bar 
  • Fabulous outdoor space 
  • Good music 
  • Good atmosphere 
  • Decor and theme 
  • Table top activities/games 
  • Dogs are allowed 
  • Live music 
  • Good company 
  • Great sports game on TV 
  • A fun crowd 
  • Comfy seating 
  • It’s kid friendly 
  • Making new friends 

Making sure our stomach is full:

  • Good food available 
  • Food trucks
  • Free popcorn 

So there you have it! Thank you to those of you who sent in answers. I hope everyone has more good brewery experiences than bad. 

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