FH Beer Works: Drinking in a Bungalow

Certain counties in Colorado have been “In the Red” now for a few weeks. That means you cannot eat or drink inside of restaurants, bars, breweries, etc. You are still allowed to order /drinks to go, and you can enjoy your food or drinks outside on a patio. It is the middle of December, and Colorado has been COLD. Businesses have been getting creative with ways to safely stay open and serve their guests. 

One of those businesses is FH Beer Works which happens to be a brewery very close to my house. My husband and I were there a few weeks ago and saw them setting up what looked to be little greenhouses outside on their patio. Come to find out they are actually individual Bungalows that you can rent out to enjoy some beer and food on their patio. 

On Monday my husband and I decided to reserve one and get out of the house to enjoy some beer. Making a reservation is super simple and is done on their website. One Bungalow holds up to six people, and you are able to reserve it for up to 90 minutes. Arrive at FH during your time slot, and you will be taken to your Bungalow. 

Once inside you have QR codes for their beer menu and the food menu for 1231 Craft Kitchen Food Truck. A server will come to you to take your orders and then bring you your beers and food. 

The Bungalows do have a tabletop heater inside, which did a pretty good job of getting it nice and toasty. I suggest you still wear a heavy winter jacket and maybe a hat. I also HIGHLY suggest you bring a blanket or two. The heater is on top of the table, so your lower half will get cold. 

After your 90 minutes are up and you leave your Bungalow, they are disinfected before the next party shows up. We had a great time, and I honestly hope FH keeps the Bungalows and uses them next year even if we  (hopefully) aren’t living in a time of a pandemic. 

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