Tavour: The “Tinder” of Beer Buying

Tavour Beer Wall

How many of you are lucky enough to have Tavour available in your area? If you haven’t heard of Tavour it is like the Tinder of beer buying. Basically, it works like this, you download the Tavour app, you enter your credit card information, you swipe through the available beer, if you see a beer you like you add it to your cart, after about a month a box full of beer arrives at your door.

I used Tavour a little over a year ago but removed it from my phone after I found out I was pregnant and then had my son. About two months ago I decided I was ready to start swiping again, so I decided to reinstall the app. I took some pictures of the whole process that I want to share with anyone who might want to give Tavour a try.

Tavour On The Go

Every day Tavour releases two (or more) beers to the app. What is cool is that these are beers you cannot get in your area. They give you a full description of the beer and include an Untappd rating. If you decide that you want to purchase the beer(s) you add them to your cart.

Tavour App Screenshot
Tavour - Pick Your Beer

Tavour also has a function that you can add filters to what you want to see. For example, If you aren’t an IPA person you can filter those out. I have way too many stouts at my house currently, so for this box I only wanted to focus (for the most part) on lighter beers.

Tavour Change Your Settings

Tavour also gives you the option of when you want your beer to ship out. I believe it is set to ship about once every month, but you can stretch that longer if you want to fill up your box more. Many believe that shipping a box full of beer would be expensive. However, I find it very reasonable. Shipping is a flat-rate fee of $14.90. So that means shipping will cost the same no matter if you buy one beer or one hundred.

Tavour is really good at keeping you up to date throughout the entire shipping process. They give you notice when your box is ready to ship, when it has left, and they provide you with a tracking number so you can always stay up to date. Once the box does arrive you must have someone 21 and up sign for it.

Tavour Delivery

Tavour does a very good job of packaging all the beer carefully. The box comes with dividers and the beer is carefully packed to avoid any casualties.

Tavour Packaging

For my last box, I went a little overboard and probably got more beer than I needed. Since you are not physically handing money over, this is very easy to do. Make sure you stay up to date with the contents in your cart so you aren’t spending more than you want.

Tavour Beer Wall

Have you tried Tavour before? Thoughts? Do you want to give it a try and also get $10 to use towards beer? Then use my promo code 313185 in the app!


  • Jason Rubino

    Cool review. I downloaded the app but haven’t put my card info in yet. I’m still on the fence. I am worried I’ll rack up a huge bill by getting excited about all the great options. I have a lot of excellent choices locally (as I assume you do) and a few great beverage centers that provide a massive selection.
    Do you think the cost is worth it? Also, once you try one can you order it again or is everything a one off?
    Have you ever let them choose a 6/12 pack for you?

    1. gmbadmin

      Wow, so sorry I never saw your comment! Yes, it is a expensive for sure! However you can really make your own budget and stick to it. For example, I told myself I was only going to spend $50 this month and once I hit $50, I stopped. I also have always picked my own beer. Lastly, I hate saying this (many many months after this post) but I quit using Tavour because their shipping is horrible! If you have any questions or want more info please send me an email.

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