Roque Pub In Hourglass District Of Orlando

Roque Pub Bar Tap Handles

Right next door to Ocean Sun Brewery  you will find Roque Pub. Roque Pub is the largest craft beer bar in the Hourglass District.

Roque Pub Bar

Roque pub caters to all types of beer drinkers. You will see plenty of people sipping on your normal domestic sitting right next to someone enjoying one of their many craft beers. This is a great bar to visit if you are a craft beer drinker, but your friend prefers to stick to his/her usual Bud Light.

Roque Pub Tomoka Brewery Beer Glass

Even though I enjoy visiting breweries, I sometimes prefer to visit craft beer bars. I like the variety of beers that bars provide. Roque is not lacking on their variety! They have about 25 taps pouring all different styles of beer. If you can’t find something on draft, no worries, they also have several large coolers filled with different cans and bottles. Cider and wine is also available. Even your pickiest of beer drinkers should find something here.

Roque Pub Bar Beer Cooler

Roque pub also has a full menu. It is a rather large menu with various appetizers, salads, sandwiches, and wings. I have not eaten there, but from I saw of the food, everything looked and smelled tasty.

Roque Pub Bar Food Menu

Roque Pub also has several entertainment options. There are two pool tables, several electronic dart boards, Touchtunes music system, board games, and a few arcade type games at the bar. I also noticed that they host several events. When we were there poker night was just finishing up and they were setting up for speed dating.

Roque Pub Bar Dart Board Games

Overall Roque Pub is a welcoming bar to all types of beer drinkers. Grab a beer, order some wings, and play a few games of pool.

Bar Info

Roque Pub
3076 Curry Ford
Orlando, FL 32806

Dog Friendly: Outside only
Outdoor Seating: A few tables that back up to a parking lot.
Beer to Go: I noticed 32 oz growlers
Entertainment: Several weekly or monthly events such as: open mic, poker tournaments, darts, and paint nights to just name a few. They also have two pool tables, arcade type games, and board games.
Taps: About 25 taps with a mix of domestic and craft.
Bottles: Large selection including cider and wine.
Liquor: No
Other: Neighbor feel. They also have Foxtail coffee on draft.

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