Bottle Share Etiquette At Bars And Breweries

Bottle Share Friends

One of the best ways to try several new beers in one sitting is to get a group of beer drinking friends together and have a bottle share. I usually attend at least one bottle share a month. Some of them are planned events and some of them just randomly happen when I go to a beer release or event and people happen to have a few bottles or cans with them they want to share.

Bottle Share At Public House

The monthly share I usually attend is held at a local bar that is welcoming and accommodating of our share group. If you plan on hosting or attending a share at a bar or brewery here are some tips to make sure it goes smoothly:

  1. Get permission from the bar or brewery BEFORE people start walking in with bottles. Most places have been OK with us having a share in their business, but it is alway respectful to ask first.
  2. Keep your group a manageable size. If your share is in a smaller bar or brewery you don’t want to fill the room up with just your friends and all your bottles.
  3. Even though everyone is bringing in beer, make sure everyone is also still supporting the bar or brewery by buying beer and tipping their bartenders well. Remember this is a business after all and they still need to make money.
  4. Reuse your glasses or bring your own. Don’t expect the bartenders to constantly get you fresh glasses or clean yours out in between each beer. I utilize a water fountain at the bar to rinse my glass out. Some places may be able to give you pitcher full of water for the table.
  5. Put a pour aside for your bartender or server. There might be strict rules about them drinking on the job, but it is also polite to offer them a taste if they can.
  6. Most importantly, clean up when you are done! I can’t stress this enough. This business is letting you use their space for your hobby. They shouldn’t have to clean up after your group. Ask them where they would like you to dispose of your bottles and cans.
  7. Plan ahead and make sure you have a way to get home. Have a DD or use Uber or Lyft. Even though you are drinking small pours, those pours add up quickly!

Bottle Share Friends

Do you participate in any bottle shares in breweries or bars? Or are you someone who prefers to do your drinking in the comfort of your own home? Check out my next post that talks about a bottle share Dan and I hosted in our home just recently.

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