Some Great Beers: Times When Beer Just Tastes Better

Recently I asked some of my followers to share with me when beer just tastes a bit better to them. You know those days, the days when you crack open a beer after a terrible day at work, and the beer is just so much more than just a beer. Let’s see what they came up with. 

  • Shower beers
  • First beer of your vacation
  • The grilling dinner beer
  • The beer you have with your dinner you just spent time grilling 
  • The breakfast stout that’s actually for breakfast
  • Yes, it’s the weekend beer!
  • The kid is asleep beer
  • The I was THIS close to losing it at work today beer
  • After mowing the lawn beer
  • Post setting up camp beer
  • Laundry folding beer 
  • Saturday/Sunday morning tailgate beer
  • The after 4pm sipping at your desk while finishing work beer
  • Post hike beer
  • The random any day of the week I feel like a beer beer
  • Post game beer with the team
  • The kids are driving me crazy and it’s almost 5 beer

How did they do? Any they missed? Let me know when beer just tastes better to you! 

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