Beer Assumptions: What People Really Think About Craft Beer Drinkers

Recently I asked people on both my Instagram and Facebook what they REALLY think about craft beer drinkers. Some answers were humorous, some I found factual, others I don’t quite agree with. Let’s take a look at what was shared with me…

  • People paying too much money for weird lagers. 
  • They must have money!
  • Snobs, looking down on the rest of the poor beer drinkers. 
  • Confusing 
  • Arrogant! 
  • Pretentious dickbags 
  • Nerds
  • Just something I’d never understand. 
  • Straight hipsters who live in Colorado and wear a lot of plaid. 
  • It’s all garbage. 
  • Most people that exclusively drink craft beers are hipsters, and have curly mustaches. 
  • Bougie and only like super sweet brews. 
  • Bougie hipster. 
  • They have good taste. 
  • Elitists
  • They have a lot of artsy tattoos. 

I personally have seen the “Snobs” of the beer community. Sadly there are people who look down on others and just think they are better than anyone else. Also, living in Colorado I do see my fair share of the plaid drinking “hipsters.” I personally don’t think the majority of craft beer drinkers are this though. Craft beer is one expensive hobby!! So for the people who think craft beer drinkers either spend a lot of money or have a lot of money, you might be correct. Craft beer is my hobby, so I don’t mind spending money on it. 

So, what are your thoughts on these assumptions or stereotypes? Any you agree with? Any you think should be added?

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